Five favourites​ off of my Beautybay Wishlist
This will be my first purchase off of my wish list. I have wanted it for so long now and it seems like everyone has it. I’ve only seen good reviews so It must be mine soon.

This is yet to have been raved about but I can see it becoming a beauty fav. It’s quite a fair price and offers lots of amazing shades. Yet the shade 1995 has something quite special about it!

This one kind of explains itself… if it weren’t for the price, I’d already have one (or ten)

I’m really needing a new eyebrow product that is going to save my eyebrows and this one is a good product for a good price. Has anyone tested this yet and could give me an honest review?

This has been raved about so much and I nearly bought it last month. I’m so worried about colour matching but I think I’ll have to bite the bullet soon!


Have any of you got any of these products? Please let me know about them..

What’s the number 1 on your beautybay wishlist?

18 things I learnt by the age of 18

I finally turned 18 last week and realised how much I have learnt about myself in the last 18 years, mainly the last few. These will inevitably change as I age but for now here are 18 things I have learnt.


1– You don’t have to be surrounded by friends- half of them aren’t your real friends and it is better to be surrounded by those who will be there for you.

2– You don’t have to change yourself for anyone. This one follows closely to the previous point, as your real friends will like you for you and if that guy you like doesn’t like you for you… he isn’t worth it.

3Free Study periods are for studying- listen to your teachers about this.

4– Don’t feel pressure from anyone but yourself- exam results are most important to you, your job is what you have to do day in and day out and the university you choose will be experienced by you.

5– It’s ok to feel alone and its ok to tell someone.

6– Going out with your parents isn’t embarrassing, even if they’re embarrassing.

7– Most negative things will pass- and they most likely happened for a reason/ you will learn from them.

8– Treat yourself well- go out, eat what you want and see that movie you have been desperate to see.

9– A-levels aren’t easy and it’s more than ok to struggle- most people are in the same boat so chat to someone when things are tricky.

10– Change is inevitable, don’t avoid it but it’s ok to struggle- if change didn’t happen you wouldn’t have space to grow so face it and brace for it.

11– Things will eventually click- A-levels, driving, understanding others…

12– If you don’t challenge yourself you will not grow.

13– You shouldn’t feel guilty for doing other things than studying- I never quite cracked this one but I have learnt that I need to. It’s unhealthy to study in all your free time and it’s unhealthy to feel guilty when you should be enjoying other things.

14– Read- either to escape from studying and support your studying. If you didn’t understand something in the lesson read about it and if you can’t manage anymore studying, read to escape.

15– If you like it, wear it.

16– Something you hate about yourself could be the thing that someone else falls in love with- so be yourself.

17– Often if you have high expectations, you will be let down- don’t expect the best or the worst.

18– Do what makes you happy.


Wish me luck for adulthood.



I finished (hopefully).

Sixth form/ college was made to seem scary to me as soon as I started secondary school. ‘If you don’t pay attention now, you’ll regret it later.’ And yes, it was scary. However, it was completely different to what I believe any naive GCSE student can expect. The jump was big, the exams were longer and the stress was substantial. Yet, to take A-levels was probably one of the best decisions I took.

Mistakingly, in my first year, my priorities were all wrong. I wanted to have the biggest group of friends rather than the biggest amount of UCAS points. Although some fun memories, I am surrounded more by stressful memories; A-level Maths and History being at the centre of these. My grades were good but my stress wasn’t.

Of course, the stress was to only increase this year. But I was surrounded by the best support and the stress was dealt with. Everyone is in the same boat and, despite people dealing with stress differently, everyone is under a lot of pressure from all angles.


Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 20.42.50

My top three tips for the early weeks:

• As I’m sure you’ve heard before, take a subject YOU love. Yet, make sure YOU love it and don’t just love the teacher or the people in the class- both will most likely change or not make it that much easier.

• Don’t stress about handing in the form with your decisions- often you can change within your first couple of weeks anyway. You’re not stuck.

• KEEP ON TOP OF NOTES!!!! I promise you, a neat folder in May will make your life much easier.

-Mollie x

(For reference I took A-level maths for one year, A-level English Language, Psychology and History for the full two years. If you’d like more on these don’t be afraid to ask- I have a lot to say about them.)